Monday, October 28, 2013

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Two months since the last update. That's pitiful.

First things first, remember I said I was pregnant? Well, baby is doing great! Let me tell you what a relief that is. I am just now getting excited about it and the worrying has gone away. I am 19 weeks tomorrow and we had our anatomy scan last week. We are expecting a little Boy! Jon is thrilled, that's what he was hoping for. I didn't care either way, although I was hoping Alexis would get a little sister, but maybe next time. I am happy for my little boy and feeling him kick just makes it more real. We have picked out a name- Isaac Samuel and he is due March 18, but probably sooner if I have another c-section.

This pregnancy has been going pretty good, besides my nerves in the beginning. I haven't had much morning sickness, only threw up 2-3 times. I had nausea more and certain things trigger my gag reflex. With Alexis I was sick for 20+ weeks, it was awful. I'm glad it turned out the way it did this time, I was able to take care of Alexis much easier than if I was really sick. I haven't gained a pound yet. I'm so proud of that. Because I'm overweight, the doctor only wants me to gain 15lbs. That was my goal last time with Alexis, but ended up gaining about 30.

My goal lately has been to find some maternity clothes and not spend a ton. With Alexis I had 4 maternity shirts and 1 pair of maternity capris. This time I want more choices in my wardrobe. That's my mission right now.

Jon may be getting another Job. I'm kinda hoping he does and we can get into a bigger place where each kid can have their own room. We'll just see what happens.

This is what she really thought about having a sibling.

Honestly she really doesn't get it right now or care for that matter.

I'm going to soak up the time I have with her as my one and only.

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