Monday, January 13, 2014

Blogging from the Hospital

What a day the past 24 hours have been. I know I mentioned I was pregnant, not sure if I mentioned it's a boy and he's due March 18. Now that that is out of the way, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and in the hospital.

Yesterday, Jon and I were laying in bed watching TV, it was around 4:30 pm and I had a big gush of water. About 20 minutes before that, I had a menstrual cramp, that stopped me in my tracks. It did go away and I never had anymore. The fluid went on my sheet and a lot went on the floor, when I stood up. I could tell it wasn't pee because I felt where it came from. It also had no ammonia smell, there was really no smell at all and it was clear. My first thought was that I was stunned and shocked. Jon brushed it off as pee at first, but I had a feeling it wasn't. I called the on-call doctor and he said if it was my fluid, that I wouldn't stop leaking and my underwear would get soaked. He chalked it up to pee and really said not to worry about it, that it may be embarrassing if I came to the hospital and was told it was pee. I hung up thinking, 'yeah it must've been pee'. By now though, Jon had smelled it, sorry if that's TMI, and he came to the conclusion that it wasn't pee and we needed to go in.

I didn't feel like rushing in. I was told if it was fluid, to lay down for a bit and when you get up if it's you're water, you'll have a gush. I laid down for 20 minutes, got up- no gush, my underwear wasn't wet in the slightest. Jon wasn't convinced and my gut said to go to the hospital. My parents came over to watch Alexis and we headed to the ER. Once in the ER, I was admitted immediately and sent to labor and delivery. I could tell the nurse in L&D thought I had just peed myself and I could tell she thought I was dumb for coming in. I really didn't care and was not going to leave embarrassed if I was told it was pee. I was going to leave feeling relieved that I was checked out and it was only pee.

She did the swab test and surprise it came back positive for amniotic fluid present in the vaginal canal. She looked surprised, I for sure wasn't. I will say my emotions were going crazy. How bad was the leak or break? Was he coming tonight? He's not ready, he needs to cook for 2 more months. Our Disney plans for this Friday went out the window and I cried knowing we wouldn't be taking Alexis back to Disney World as an only child. I cried because she didn't know what was going on. I cried because it was her first full night away from me since she was born and I couldn't put her to bed. In between the crying, I would be ok with everything and then it would hit again. Is the baby going to be ok? Am I going to be ok and live so my kids have their mom? I know- dramatic, but really I was scared. There was a lot of praying going on.

The on call doctor, that I had talked to earlier, came in. I wasn't too pleased with what he told me on the phone. He came in and said, "what made you come in?" I told him it was my gut and instinct that something wasn't right. Jon was pushing me in as well, I'm glad he did. He came in with a student, didn't expect that, poor guy had to see it all. Anyway, he did the speculum exam and looked all up there. He said my cervix was thick and closed, which is a good sign. He couldn't see where it was leaking, even after coughing, he didn't see any fluid coming out. He asked the nurse to run another swab test and it still came back positive. Because of the two positives, I was admitted for monitoring.

This is where I am. They are administering steroid shots to help boost the baby's lungs, in case he has to come early. I'm getting around the clock antibiotics, in case of infection. Basically, I'm here resting. I haven't had any more leaking, that I have noticed. The pad they have me wear, nothing. I'm praying it's so small, that it will seal on it's own. As big as the gush was, I'm surprised they couldn't see anything. There was also an ultrasound done and he had plenty of fluid as of last night. I'll probably get another one today. Just the waiting game for now.

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