Monday, September 26, 2011

I Heart Faces - Best Face of Summer

This is one from Alexis's one year shoot. The sand is all over her face from eating it, throwing it, haha and she looks so satisfied!

I've been busy. Busy planning my parents surprise 30th anniversary party. If you haven't heard it's going to be a mustache party. Busy editing a wedding I did a week ago. Busy editing a family get together Friday night, (not my family). Things are slowly coming together for the party. My mom's brother and sister-in-law are coming and it's going to be a surprise that their here. I think it'll go good. I'm setting up a photobooth with props, so we should have some fun photos from that.

7 Wonderful Comments:

  1. what a sweet capture! love the sand on her face! just adorable!! hope all is going well with your party planning!!

  2. OMG........ADORABLE PHOTO!!! I LOVE live real-life action shots!
    Great Capture! Alexis is the CUTEST lil girl!

  3. Ha ha. Love it. Too cute. Good luck with the planning.

  4. I can't believe she kept eating sand after the first taste. lol.
    Very cute picture.

  5. I love your site!Beautiful pictures! You have a new fan!I am Playing Blog hop tag, YOUR IT! Tag me back at: and on facebook


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