Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quarterly Top 5

I can't beleive it's that time again, time for the quarterly top 5 from July to September. And it made me realize I haven't taken any photos of Alexis since the 8th. Which is not like me, but things have been busier than usual. Here are my top 6! It was so hard to pick and wanted to include more, but the page would probably be endless lol

This was back in July. She can't even fit in those white shorts anymore.

haha you have to have at least one mad face

I love the chunk, but unfortunately it's slowly fading.

Bath time is her favorite time of day!

Her 1 year old shoot

Finally, captured her zombie 'walking'. She's becoming more brave the last couple days and walking without holding onto anything. It's the awkward, I might fall walk, but I'm so proud of her.

There ya have it. And yes, I'm still party planning, party planning for a surprise is so stressful! I'm definitely not a party planner, I'd rather just attend. But hoping everything turns out fine. I got 108 stick on mustaches yesterday (for only $7.00, go amazon!).
Here's our little Mario.

Camera Phone Photo

7 Wonderful Comments:

  1. I soooooo love the chunk too. My son's is fading. He is still huge, but he just looks big now vs. baby chunky goodness.

    I love the sink bath photo, such a fun memory captured and the beach photo is just darling.

  2. Such great shots. I love her chunkiness. That second shot is so funny. I love the beach photo too. Adorable. Thanks for linking up.

  3. so cute! loving that last shot! hilarious! and she has just the cutest curls and most adorable chunk!! :)

  4. Her chunky legs and curly curls are soooooooo PRECIOUS!!!
    That first photo is Perfection!

  5. I love the mustache! Great shots of her. Love the Zombie walk description. Little Lady is doing the "Clyde" walk. You are too young to know the definition so I won't even get into it. lol

  6. Oh my! That one of her crawling at the beach is darling! I love that you took it from behind to show all her adorable rolls! That bath one just makes me smile!! Thanks for linking up!

  7. I always love "real life" photos. The bath in the sink photo is amazing.


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