Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday News

We got some sad news last night. My niece lost the baby. A few days ago, she started bleeding and cramping, so they rushed her to the ER and did an ultrasound and couldn't find a heartbeat. She was supposed to be around 11 weeks, but the baby only measured 6 weeks. Then at the doctor's the next day, I guess she started going into labor and delivered at her doctor's office. I don't know the whole story, but that's the just. It's sad, but maybe for the best because she was only 15. She's also feeling guilty for feeling relieved. I hope this doesn't depress her to much. Turns out her uterus is backwards and had really bad back pain the whole time she was pregnant. Does that mean she'll have a hard time not miscarrying with pregnancies in the future? I don't know much about how that stuff works.

We are still going to visit them in March next year. They live in southern Oregon, around Medford, and we are going to go to the coast sometime while we're there. Where's your favorite place on the coast in southern Oregon/ northern California? Looking for beautiful places to go.

On other news, right before I was going to start this post, my dad called me and told me a good friend's house burnt down. Everything's gone. They're all ok, but it just seems crazy. They've been in the house for 40 years. I don't know if all the pets got out ok, they had quite a few birds. My dad just wallpapered they're kitchen last week. So crazy, my thoughts go out to them as well.

Alright, here's something to make you smile :)

My summertime photo

My favorite of the week. Bath's always make her happy :)

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  1. What sweet photos.

    And so very sorry for your niece, Tell her not to feel guilty at all ..sometimes things really just work out for the best in our worlds.

  2. The photos are both very sweet! So sorry for the losses around you right now though. Praying the weekend brings brighter things for you...

  3. That's some heavy news all in a short time. I'm so sorry for your niece. And for the family who lost their house.

    On a happier note, I LOVE that first shot. Who can resist all that yumminess and the crop is fantastic!

    Thanks for linking to Photo Story Friday this week!

  4. How very sad. :( I will be praying for your niece and the family that lost their house.

    I do love that last photo.

  5. So sorry to hear of the losses. I'll be praying for your niece and for the family who lost the house.

  6. WOW- you have a lot going on right now. So sorry to hear all that. Prayers are with you & your dear ones!

    Beautiful photos of little miss though. HUGS!!

  7. you've got some bad news this week, sorry to hear about your niece,
    but at least you have some pretty smily shots, she's so cute and happy!!!

  8. So sorry for all the bad news you've had. Hope this week brings only good things! Love your shots!

  9. I am so sorry about your niece. The uterus thing should not cause her to have any higher rate for miscarriages than she would normally have. My uterus tilts backwards, too. The first trimester is brutal and the pain is constant, but once the uterus gets big enough it pulls up (just like with any other woman) and it straightens out. Sorry for that little tidbit, but you can tell her that it is fairly common to have your uterus tilt backward, not a freak thing and more than likely did not contribute to the miscarriage at all.
    I will be praying for her during this difficult time of mixed emotions. I will also pray for your friends that lost their house.
    Thanks for the great pictures to make me smile. Alexis does it every time. :)


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