Thursday, April 7, 2011

{Shoot Before & Edit After}


This is going to be my 'Debbie Downer' post. Sorry to my new followers, but that's why I'm warning you. I don't want to make anyone else feel down.

We all have those days. I've been down lately. I've been bothered about having a fall out with my best friend. And comparing my photography to others, which is a huge no. But I have and now I'm so critical, I wonder if I'm even any good. I went for a 5 mile walk today and feel some better. I need some alone time, I never have any. I'll keep it short though, thanks for listening.

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  1. I love how bright the edit is! Yes, we all have those days. Not comparing your work to others is really hard, but you'll be able to forget about it. I hope things work out with your best friend.

  2. I really love this photo--so much in their expressions and poses. Your edit really makes it beautiful! Not comparing is hard, but I'm surprised it makes you glum. Your photos are great! Falling out with friends...hope it all works out :(

  3. Wow. You really made those eyes pop in the edit. Beautiful!!

  4. Wow - those eyes really sparkle now!

  5. Amazing pictures!!! And seriously, you take amazing photos - don't doubt that. I get the down days, definitely get that. I really hope your days start getting brighter! =)

    p.s. Awesome job on the walk - I think I'd die walking 5

  6. Big HUGS Sweetheart! I totally get your down days, and also having a falling out with your friend. Happened to me this Fall and we still haven't spoken. Things change....but that doesn't always make it any easier to hear that.
    I LOVE your photos! You are a great photographer and have inspired me many many times.
    Hope your days get brighter soon!

  7. I agree with everyone, you really made his eyes pop and sparkle. I think you are a great photographer. We all have those moments of comparison. Don't let it get to you. You could have been judging one of your average shots against someone's best shot. Not all of our images can be perfect. That is how we learn. We tend to see ourselves and our work much more critically than others do, too. Chin up and a big hug your way.

  8. wow! great edit and the colors and eyes just pop!! So pretty!

  9. thats a huge bummer. i hope you're feel better now.

    the pictures are amazing.


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