Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super Explosive Phenomenon

I woke up thinking today was Sunday. Mostly because Jon's usually up at 7am, but we didn't get up til after 8. So, I had a surprise! It's Wednesday moment.
Alexis has 2 teeth now! Alexis gives my dad, her grandpa, kisses all the time. I barely get one ever. Why is that? Is she playing around with me lol.

I'm throwing this out there: If anyone has any similac coupons or checks they don't need, I'll gladly take them off your hands!

These are more pics from Saturday.

This picture was actually really funny. We all walked over to see a scorpion and left Liam sitting in his stroller. The gator guy called everyone to come around him. I look back at Liam and he's in the circle just listening, too cute!

She was so hot, we poured water on her and her hair got so curly hehe

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  1. beautiful pics!! I'm cringing in my seat lookin' at those reptiles tho :D brave peeps!

  2. Oh that looks like such a fun day! Super exciting about the teeth too!

  3. Such great pictures - I feel the same about the reptiles...yuck. How exciting about teeth!

  4. Wow... what a fun day and what amazing photos!! I am terrified of gators... so i feel ya on the reptile thing :)

  5. AWESOME Photos.....what a great day!
    Liam looks to be enjoying the alligator....LOL!
    Great shot of your hubby and the gator!

  6. What fun pictures and how neat to have them get to meet some reptiles. The curls are too cute!

  7. Eeekkk. Wonderful photos.

  8. That looks like a great day. The pictures are just fabulous.

  9. Love the curly hair! So cute! :)


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