Monday, April 11, 2011

Took a Break

But now I'm back. It wasn't by choice though, I've just been super, ridiculously, crazy busy. Today I was doing some clothes shopping and I felt guilty about spending the money. I realized it's because I have not blogged! So, Alexis had her first boat ride, mini road trip and met family this weekend. It was nice. I'll get into more detail later.
I went to order my 50mm lens and it went up to 130.00. Can't be too surprised really, everything's going up now.

Huge shout out to Christine @ My Sweet Potato 3 for giving me the

Thank you!

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Random Facts:
1. I drink pickle juice.
2. I can put my toes in my mouth ( i don't, but I can lol)
3. My brother and I are 8 years apart.
4. I like jazz music.
5. Always wanted to be a singer when I grew up.
6. My husband, then boyfriend, was my first kiss.
7. Met my husband on myspace.

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15 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Such great shots - love the second one.

  2. Lovely photos! Love the baby on the boat! Adorable!

  3. That last one is really cool! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

  4. Thanks for passing me the award! :) I love your pictures this week! :) Your little miss is so cute! :)

  5. You will absolutely love that lens! I have it and it's definitely what they say "the nifty fifty". Not only is it affordable, you can't beat the quality, bokeh and sharpness for the price! I paid 119 for mine (that included shipping) so it was around the same price..but GREAT investment!

    Love that first photo of Alexis, omg she's just a doll babY!

  6. Aww! Thanks so much! Beautiful photos!

  7. These are great! Love the macro!

  8. Awesome! Thanks for the award! I'll try and post it today! (:

  9. THank you Thank you Thank You.....You are so sweet to give me this Award!
    Adorable with her lil bow in her hair.....LOVE IT!
    Thanks Jessi! Great Pictures and it sounds like a fun weekend.

  10. Thank you for the award! Your daughter is just adorable--love that second photo!

  11. The photo of your daughter is great. She is so sweet, even when she isn't smiling. ;)

  12. Thank you for the award!!!! :) You're so sweet!

    and I TOTALLY get the whole "I'm so busy I forgot to blog" thing :) Happens all the time over here!

  13. These are beautiful, Jessica! LOVE that bow. :)

  14. Gorgeous pictures! Love the Happy Monday one...I found you through that challenge. Lovely pictures all around!


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