Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black and White Wordless Wednesday

I was one of Chelsey's favorites this week for touch up tuesday :D
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

On a side note, we have taken like 2 steps back from where Alexis was sleeping last week. We actually slept through the night one night, last week. This week we've been up about 2 times a night, every night. It's frustrating. I know it gets better. At least, I just keep telling myself that. It's better from where we were when she was a newborn though.

These pictures don't really have anything in common, except they were taken with my phone. But I like them.

I caught them reading, it was so cute.

I'm so tired, but I will read your blogs today, probably tonight, but I need a nap. Promise

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6 Wonderful Comments:

  1. lovely shots, hope you get some sleep soon!

  2. We had horrible sleep issues with our littlest until she was almost two. Every time we had a good pattern she would get sick or start sympathy here. Hope you get some sleep soon.

    Love the photos, esp. dad reading. Sweet.

  3. love the shot from behind the wheel. Taking pictures and driving, huh!? ;)

  4. I take pictures while driving all too often! I love that photo!

  5. Yay for chickfila. Yummy!


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