Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 of '10

Alexis rolled over today for the first time! and I missed it. She was on her play mat in her room and I walked into the living room and she started crying. I go back and she's on her stomach. And hates being on her stomach. Can't believe I missed it.

It was hard to pick just 10 pictures! But here they are:

1. Few minutes old, first family photo - I love it!

2. 1 week old

3. 1 week old

4. 1 month old - oh yeah, I'm cool

5. Rock on!

6. 2 months old

7. She loves her changing table

8. So excited!

9. I loved her hat and pants, now they don't fit.

10. Sweet Smile

11. Blowing raspberries - My favorite thing!

12. Starring contest

13. I'm not doing anything, I swear!

14. Warm and Cuddly

15. She won't take a paci, this is the last time she did.

Ok, so it's more like 15, can you blame me? :)

8 Wonderful Comments:

  1. These are so sweet. I love #10. Great photos.

  2. She is precious. I know I posted 14 and I am one of the hosts. It is hard to only pick 10.

    The rock on picture is classic. I hope it is framed some where in your house. I also love #7. The lighting is excellent and she looks so peaceful

  3. Those are all really adorable and fantastic memories. She's lucky to have you for a Mom.

  4. Love the family photo! I had a c-section with number two but they took her away before we got a family photo :O( I just love the one of her on the changing table with the light coming in from the window! Just beautiful! Love the composition and the conversion!!


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