Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OK, OK, OK Doctor

Today I had my weekly doctor appointment. When you become pregnant you really become humble and know what humility is, if you know what I mean. Here's this week's stats:
  • Gained 1LB
  • Blood pressure 146/66, laid on my side went to 126/60
  • Baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead, but because she hasn't dropped into my pelvis yet ( I could have swore she did), she thinks it's because she's squished in my uterus. She scheduled me for an ultrasound next Wednesday, to see how baby is measuring.
  • Still 1cm, 50% effaced
She had a hard time finding the heartbeat and started making me nervous, but LO was moving while she was trying to find it. I guess she doesn't like the doppler lol. I think that's pretty much it. There is a full moon on Monday, soooo I wonder if something is going to happen. We'll have to wait and see. I have two people saying they think she'll be here next week. I have had this bad pain going down the back of my right thigh, it hurts! Hard to walk and seems to make me out of breath and has slowed me way down. Not sure if it needs massaged or if I need to go to the chiropractor.

Another surprise! that popped up was mildew/mold in the nursery bathroom that's attached to the nursery. It's on the ceiling and the wall. Really? Now 3 weeks til I'm due? Why not 10 weeks ago? It made me so mad to find that. I thought everything was done and perfect. We're going to work on it this weekend and hopefully get it gone for good. If not, I'm looking at houses.

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