Monday, January 28, 2013

The Doing's

Remember I said I had some news?

No, I'm not pregnant. I finally found a blog name that I like! We are now The Grimm Gang. For the longest time I couldn't find a name I liked, and the other one was getting really cheesy to me. I would've posted sooner, but Alexis went through teething for her 2 year molars. That was not fun for either of us, but poor baby was hurting and I could tell. That's all done with now. We have managed to escape the flu, so far. Jon has a little cold though. Since this has sat in my drafts folder for a week, I now have his cold. 

On another note, we decided to stop trying to get pregnant for this year. I want to spend some quality time with my girl before she decides to grow up. We're also planning a cruise for later this year- stoked right here! It's been a few years since we had one and Alexis would be 3, so our plan is to all go on a 7 night Caribbean  cruise later this year and also get yearly passes to Disney world; since Alexis is in looooove with Dolphins, yearly passes to Sea World too. I'm really happy with our decision and feel really confident in it. My plan was to have Alexis a sibling when she was 3 and I felt like I was rushing because she'll be 3 in August. But she'll be 3 for a year lol and we'll have time later. 

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