Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've been down with my back all weekend. Friday morning, I sneezed really hard and ended up pulling something in my upper back & neck. I haven't been able to lift Alexis or do anything really, except ice it and complain. Just kidding, I'm far from a complainer. But Jon has stepped it up a notch and helped out a ton yesterday and my mom helped all day Friday, til Jon got home from work.

It's funny, he had a taste of what I do on an everyday basis yesterday. Usually Alexis and I, go for a walk, go to the park, go grocery shopping, come home, vacuum, wash dishes, make lunch, pick up around the house and sometimes get some ironing done- he did all that except 2 or 3 things and when Alexis went down for a nap, he's like I'm so exhausted. I just had to laugh because sometimes he said he would easily switch jobs with me haha.

My neck is getting better, I picked up Alexis twice today and could feel it pulling. Jon has to work, so my parents took Alexis, Baby Free! So, I vacuumed and wiped down the counters. It had to be done secretly because Jon doesn't want me doing anything, but I get OCD about it, especially when we have an ant problem in the kitchen.

Enough rambling- These were taken Monday on our little walk around the neighborhood and that night it was cold enough for a fire.


Monday night it was freezing for us, in the 40s. We took advantage of that and made a little bonfire outside. It's warmed up since, but I miss the colder weather.


This is a stretch, but this is the rock at the entrance to our neighborhood. So, she's welcoming people home.


Anytime you go for a walk with a toddler, it becomes an adventure. They never know what they'll find or where they're curiosity may lead them. She held my hand willingly {heart melts}! We adventured together.


She was fascinated with this pine cone, at least for a few minutes :)


This is classic Alexis. She loves to lay down anywhere and weird places haha. Where ever we walk, eventually she sits down and will lay down, slowly, so she doesn't hurt herself.

Just a few more of my favorites-


If you missed the Poem I wrote for Alexis, you can read it here

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  1. Love that adventure shot. Great POV. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Adorable photos and little girl! I love the fire one! Hope your neck feels better soon!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love adventure!


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