Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Weekend

This past weekend was busy. I guess it is for most people this time of year. While everyone else was celebrating thanksgiving and pulling all nighters for black Friday, we had a nice, long 3 day weekend celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary. We are pretty broke this time, when aren't we, so we got each other a card. It may not be much to some, but I couldn't be happier with it.

Reflecting over the past year, it went by so fast.
 It included watching Alexis grow into a toddler, about 5 date nights, 
Alexis's first merry go round, a crazy road trip to New Jersey, 
photographing my first wedding, beach time,
 lots of play time, a miscarriage, 3 friends passing away, 
a business trip, family time, fun times with friends, German family visits,
 first time in a club ever (and last), sleep deprivation, 
friends moving, The Fountains, a rainy day in NYC, video games,
some mad times, a few sad times, many many laughs, 
pig tails, learning, losing weight, gaining weight, ant wars, job hunting,
serving Jehovah, Conventions and assemblies just to name some highlights.

As a couple, I can definitely see us growing together and helping each other, which it has always been that way, but it seems more so now. He's my best friend and I'm his. We see everything as both our jobs, not just one or the other (his job is to kill the bugs and clean them up tho). Many times he'll get up in the morning to get Alexis and give me 5 more minutes of sleep -or as long as it takes for him to change her diaper and come running into the bedroom to get me. Marriage is definitely a journey and not a destination and it takes both people, with God -a three cord fold, to make it work. Our marriage isn't perfect- spoiler: no one's is-, but as long as we both put forth the effort to make it work- then I think we'll be just fine.

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