Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Morning

I think today we're taking it easy. There was a beach party we were supposed to attend, but we don't want to get anyone sick. Alexis is down for a nap, my hubs is reading CNN, and I'm on here. I am going to put this down and go spend time with him, since he's been sick and I haven't really got to be with him. Hope you enjoy your weekend :)

Yeah her room is a mess. Don't judge. All that stuff in the corner is ready for a yard sale. Just trying to find a free weekend to have one.

The Paper Mama

7 Wonderful Comments:

  1. cute shot - I love how you got her without her realizing you're there :)

  2. That shot with the ring is wonderful!! I have a shot of my engagement ring in a cup of paperclips - LOL

  3. I am not going to hate on the state of her room, my girls are demolition experts!

  4. i love the lived in look of rooms- especially when kiddos are involved. cute! :)

  5. She's adorable! Now if your toddlers room is perfectly clean, I think THAT'S CRAZZY! The flower shot is so SO pretty!


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