Monday, July 4, 2011

Alexis's Favorite

This is her favorite thing to do

But it's just so hot to be out and let her swing for hours. Plus I've noticed all the play grounds around town are in the sun. Can't they make one in the shade or put it under one huge tree?

My 2 kids. Hahah this makes me laugh. She's just starring at him, like what are you doing? How everyone's Monday going? Jon had to work today, so it's just a normal day. I am going to try to get some firework pictures tonight over the beach. I'm sure I'll see many of your firework pictures here tomorrow. I've lost 2 followers, why is that always a bummer? I'll update more :)

4 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Shade at the park is always part of our decision making. Great photos! It does look hot, though!

  2. I've never understood why they put swing sets right in the sun. It's way too hot right now.

  3. That is certainly a super fun time. How cute that she already shows that she loves it.

  4. Ha ha. Too funny. Yes they need more shade!!


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