Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Happy May!
I've been really busy the past few days and am a little behind on emails.
Please bare with me!

Hope you're having a great weekend :)


This was kind of a fluke. Jon was driving to Orlando and I was just shooting out the window at random things and people in cars. Saw this on my camera and thought it was perfect for architecture.

-Rimmed with Light-

As the sun goes down, it hits the power lines and just makes them sparkle.


-This is my favorite-

Girl in the whole world and her favorite is to swing. She cries when we leave lol


She loves chewing on my sunglasses, but does not like wearing any.

6 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Wonderful job Jessi - my favorites this week are your first and last shots!

  2. Like the rimmed shot, beautiful and creative.

  3. love the shades shot - I have a little guy just like that, somehow he believes my sunglasses are teething toys :)

  4. The architecture shot is wonderful. The bridge is just amazing.

    Love the rest of the photos also.

  5. I love your first and last shots!! Great job this week!


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