Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Black and White Wordless Wednesday

These are the last of my pictures of the family. We dropped them off yesterday at the airport, but not before a couple glasses of wine.
My great aunt told us a joke. Apostle Paul said a little wine is good for the stomach. You know why he said just a little? Because it was his bottle. hehe,

{Yeah we're always eating}

{My brother- Paul}

{Hunk o' Lovin'}

{A mom & son}


{Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, & Nieces}

{Love candid shots}

{Smiles & Secrets}

{Taking a pic of my aunt taking a pic}

{My Loves}

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9 Wonderful Comments:

  1. precious pictures of the family and love the baby chunk on daddy's shoulders;0. Love the joke too by the way;0

  2. How lovely to have special photos of your family!

  3. Great pictures & memories! LOVE the chubby baby legs, too

  4. Those are lovely pictures of your time together. It's obvious that you enjoy one another! The smiles and secrets one, tho...fantastic capture!

  5. So many wonderful pictures of family!

  6. Love the picture of the two of them on the bench. The joke cracked me up too.

  7. Beautiful family shots! Love the candid ones.

    Erika B


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