Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Shutter Love Shot Tuesday

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Today, Baby Alexis has her 6 month doctor appointment. Which means more shots. Let's hope they don't hurt to bad.

The Trendy TreehouseSweet Shot Day

11 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Oh those chubby cheeks - adorable! Wonderful photography!

  2. Awww I love this - especially your processing.

  3. look at those pretty lashes & chubby cheeks Ü love it!

  4. Ahhh... Precious!
    What an adorable doll...

  5. Those cheeks and eyelashes! So precious!!

  6. Gorgeous perspective! I love those cheeks and eyelashes, too.

  7. Oh, she is sooooo cute! Great shot of her lashes and those sweet!

    Erika B

  8. Love those cheeks!

    I just wanted to stop by from Trendy Treehouse! I do fun photography tutorials over at my blog and have a Saturday linky where you can post your images! I am a new follower :) Come by and visit sometime. I love meeting other photographers.


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