Monday, November 1, 2010

The Moments in Between Photo Challenge Theme: Where You Live

Sorry this is late! I've been busy & when I'm not busy I've been lazy lately. Today, I'm just sleepy. Alexis was up every 30 min last night. I just keep telling myself, it'll get better, it'll get better.

The theme for this week is
- Where You Live -

What do you like about where you live? What do tourists come to see?

Here the biggest thing is the beach.

Some come for race week, then bike week. Usually it's the beach & I love our lighthouse. Climbed it many times.

- Everyone is welcome
- It must be your photo - taken by you
- One submission per person
- Keep it kid friendly, please
- Link your blog post back here (button is on the side if you want to use that)
- Link up your photo below
- You have until next Saturday 11:59pm EST.

Grab your camera & capture those smiles!

4 Wonderful Comments:

  1. I'd have to think about this one...not sure if I'll have a chance to get out this week, but I love the theme.

  2. That scenic view is beautiful. The lighthouse itsself is so gorgeous! Don't think we have anything relatively close to that here besides the beach, but even then it's not that pretty, lol

  3. The beach would be BIG to me, too! LOVE the lighthouse capture.


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