Saturday, July 10, 2010

Humidity + Mini Golf = Not For an 8 Month Pregnant Woman

Tonight my husband and I thought we would have a little date night. All day we had to watch my grandma. She can't be alone for fear she will have a panic attack. To give my mom a break she hung out with us and where we went, she went and we just went. Once we dropped her off, my husband wanted to play some mini golf. It felt kinda nice out, there was a breeze. It was still in the 90s around 8pm, and the humidity was insane. I thought we would be fine. By hole 9, it had to look like someone poured water on my face. I was sweating so bad and my hair had to look like I stuck my finger in a light socket from the frizz. We had fun and I beat him by 10 points. Then we got Chinese food and enjoyed the night together.

I can't believe that soon we will be meeting our little girl! In about 4 weeks or so, she will be here. I really can't wait!

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