Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reality Just Set In

I started freaking out today after my appt. I think reality just set in that it's getting closer to having this baby! Made me super nervous. It hit me because my dr said my next appt is in 2 weeks and she'll start doing internals. Then, she'll see me every week til delivery with internals every week. ::Big Eye, Blank Stare::
Really already??? Can't I just stay pregnant forever, I'm scared of labor. It looks and sounds painful...
The appt was accually really funny. It was packed in there today and the soccer game was on. When I got called back, me and my nurse heard this screaming - like someone was in pain. We looked at eachother and came back and said it was my doctor watching the soccer game and the USA scored. We bust out laughing. It was so funny. The stats were: gained 4 lbs, no protein in urine, blood pressure was 134/78, baby is measuring right on track.
I kinda feel like the first day of high school, you don't know anything and your super nervous til you get used to it. So, I came home washed bottles and pacifiers. I'm going to start washing baby clothes soon.
When did I grow up?? It was yesterday I was a teenager. Now married - what? Pregnant - double what? Gonna be a mom- Ahh! But I'm excited all at the same time. I have to say I've had a good life so far. Great times, Friends, Family, and now husband and baby.

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