Tuesday, May 11, 2010

27 weeks!

27 weeks as of yesterday! Which is exciting. Alexis is 2lbs now and about 14.5 inches long. Saturday night she kept me up all night moving and kicking. She's slowed down since then, thank goodness! Sunday, we cleaned out the front bedroom. It's ready for painting. I just need to get the paint. Saturday, my dad painted the crib and it looks like a nice white now. Just need to find a dresser. The shower invites are out as of yesterday. Still waiting for the results of my glucose test. I go to the doctor tomorrow morning, hope she tells me then. Tonight is my child birth class that I signed up for. It's til June 8 and every Tuesday night (of course my meeting night) from 7-9. That just means the west congregation will have to put up with me for a time. ;)

In other news, pawpaw is back in the hospital. He went in yesterday and was worse yet. He's been there 3 times in the past 3 weeks. I really hope they can figure it out this time. He is having a really hard time breathing. Haven't seen him today, so I hope his breathing is better today. Yesterday it took all he had just to get into the bathroom and back in the bed. Hard to watch.
It's been a lot of stress at a time when I don't really need it. The baby doesn't need it. It's tough when I have to keep my mom together, and my grandma, and then me. It's really sad when my momma doesn't think he'll come home this time. I'm trying to keep a positive mind about it still and hope he does. I pray about it everyday. Jon's been a great support and I couldn't ask for a better husband.

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