Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doctor Appointment

Had my 23 week doctor appointment today. Everything went great. The heart beat was really strong. My blood pressure was 100/65 which is the best ever. I did gain 5 lbs, but that's my whole weight gain this pregnancy so far. In 3 weeks I go for a glucose test to check for diabetes, which runs in the family, so I hope I pass the test. My fingers are a little swollen, so I'm watching my salt intake. My mom went with me today and come to find out my nurse was my mom's nurse at a different ob/gyn years ago. She did a sonogram on my mom when I was in her. What a small world.

I can really feel my uterus now and notice that I am starting to show a bump. We were at meeting last night and I was standing in the back. Jon said he looked back when I was standing there and he said at that moment he was so proud of me and our bump. Which was really sweet and you could tell he really ment it. I had someone last night tell me I look sexy pregnant and told Jon to keep his hands off me, that he's done enough all ready lol. Then someone else said wow your face has really broke out, is that because you're pregnant? He was trying to make a joke, but it really didn't come off like that. I hate how bad my face looks, it looks like I'm going through puberty really. Please don't say that to me. Another sister has a ton of baby clothes for me. He baby is 6months now, so I can't wait to get all the clothes and go through them! I need to get busy on things. Finish registering, help with the baby shower planning, start working on the nursery, paint the crib...

It's a beautiful day here today. I don't think it could get any better than this really. Jon was telling me about an article where they were talking about earthquakes. They said that California usually has about 30 something a year and in just this year alone they have had over 70 within the past 4 months. On the news yesterday a reporter was asking why all these earthquakes everywhere all of a sudden, what's going on? It's all right here Matthew 24:3-7. After he said, "All these things are a
beginning of pangs of distress." It's only the beginning, there's more to come. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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