Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 On 12/12/12

I'm finally getting time to finish this post. I started it this morning editing the last few pictures. My thought was it's 12/12/12 and I just wanted to share 12 pictures from our Monday outing. How hard could that be? Our monring, was something of running errands, playing at the park, Waing {chinese for Dig- credit to Ni Hao Kailan for teaching Lexi} in the dirt/mud, lunch, shower {she pooped in the shower today. and was done by the time I got her to the potty. It was pretty funny and gross at the same time. It did cross my mind to take a picture of it and show everyone, but that quickly went away. Who would want to see poop in a shower? I wouldn't lol}, and then I thought it was nap time. Nope, Little miss had her own plans, even though she was tired, there was no napping for us. Anytime she doesn't want to nap now, I call it quiet time and put some toys and books in her bed for her to play with. She usually doesn't and isn't quiet, trying to get me to get her. It's my little break of the day. Which also ment, I couldn't finish my post. Now that she's asleep and spent time with the hubs, I can finish posting my photos. 

These were from Monday, we came across a cute little park along the river. Alexis could do all of her favorite things - swing, Wa, slide, and swim. It was beautiful for a couple of hours, even dolphins swimming near by. I will mention it is way to warm here right now and we are all ready for a  bit cooler weather. 

I've also been thinking and planning our 2013 trips. Where we want to go, what we want to do. It's been fun thinking it over. I would never plan these things out in the past, but with Jon's work and Lexi. It's easier to do it ahead of time. 
Do you have any plans for 2013? 

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