Friday, September 7, 2012

What does it mean?

I know this blog has been neglected a lot lately. So, I kinda want to start over. And the other day, my husband laughed at my blog name and asked,"What does that even mean?". I explained it to him and then he got what the meaning was, so I wanted to explain what it means. Kinda start from the beginning, an introduction sorta and instead of The Moments in Between, I changed it to In Between the Moments. 

What does In Between the Moments mean? 

First, let's define what a moment is. defines a moment as an indefinitely short period of time or an instant. You can probably look back at your day and think about all the highlights, those are what I would call your moments for the day. The ones you will remember, the bigger events of the day, but they happened rather quickly. 

Now what happened in between those times? Those are the smaller, less memorable moments that you don't really remember when you think about how your day went. 

Here is how my day went looking back. 

The moments or bigger events of the day were- 

  • Alexis was not in a good mood all day
  • We stopped for coffee and diapers at Target this morning. 
  • Took a walk, got lunch, showered and napped. 
  • Picked up Jon from work, who came home and made us dinner. 
Now, the in between moments were- 
  • Alexis giving me a cute morning smile when I see her in the morning. 
  • Singing to Taylar Swift's song, We are never ever getting back together, in the car with Alexis singing Never ever ever and giggling after each time. 
  • Building a high block tower and helping Lexi, so it doesn't fall over. 
I don't know about you, but when I read a blog where everything sounds too 'perfect', it's never believable.  Even fairy tales had their rough times. Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty, Ariel- their stories aren't all roses, (although Ariel did bring some of that on herself). Believe me, today was a rough one, as a parent. There are usually more in between moments than that, but Alexis was just not happy today. And nap time was insane, I was praying for more patience, since I kept loosing it. I try to look at the happy moments of the day and those are what give me a smile, as I fall asleep. 

Of course that doesn't include the time-outs or spankings we endured today or the, I'm mad so I'm going to try and make myself throw up bits. I know on blogs, we try to write about how wonderful our day was, when it wasn't or how amazing it is to be a mom, when you're ready to pull your hair out lol. We never talk about the not so glamorous side, but I will. That's part of the in between moments. 

Since, I won't have as many posts as I used to. I will try my best to make each post count. 

I LOooooVE this photo of Alexis. My only quam is that focus is off, but still major cute. 

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  1. Well, I for one love the real moments. I can't stand the fact shit...and really? Shit is about to get real and ugly on my blog this weekend. I kind of just typed out a whole garbage post of emotions. OY.

    I'm happy to see you back. I've missed you. And I will always be reading...the good, the bad, the ugly. I'm here for support! =)


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