Monday, April 30, 2012

I have a what pregnancy??

If you've been reading my last posts about this pregnancy, I was waiting for a call Wednesday about my blood work from Tuesday. 
Wednesday comes and it's a normal morning. We get up have breakfast, Jon's getting ready for work. It's just probably 9am and I get a call from the gyno office. At first, I'm thinking they never call this early and when I answer it's my doctor and not the nurse, who I've been talking to. Now, I'm thinking oh great what's wrong. 

She was very good at explaining everything. She said in a normal miscarriage, my levels should be going down, but on Tuesday's draw, they went from 2400 to 2900. She also explained on the ultrasound from Monday, that the lining and sac {which is empty} is in my uterus. My right ovary has a normal cyst on it, but in my left tube there is a small mass, about 1mm and it's unidentifiable. But since, my HCG levels were rising {not at a normal rate}, I've had a minor ache on and off on my left side, and the mass is there that we had to treat this as an Ectopic Pregnancy. I was so scared after that. I had no idea what was going to happen and I like being prepared for situations. She went on to explain because it's not big that she wouldn't have to go in and do surgery, but I was to go get admitted to the hospital that day and get a MTX shot and I'll be home by that night. Since it's a chemo-therapy drug, I had to be admitted to the oncology floor because that's they only part of the hospital that dealt with that drug. 

After I got off the phone, my head was spinning. I was like this is so crazy. I talked to Jon, he said he would take off work and go with me and my parents could watch Alexis. Jon was doing some research on Dr. Google about the shot and it came up as a chemical abortion drug and stories where there was a baby and it ended up killing it because of a bad diagnosis. After hearing all that, I wanted to make sure there was no baby in my uterus at all before getting the shot. I called the doctor and asked for an ultrasound before the shot to definitely make sure there was no baby there. 

Hospital calls about 10:30am and we get up there about 11am. I was not at the hospital I wanted to be at. I hated my nurse, she was crazy and really acted like she didn't know what she was doing anyway. Not to long after I was there, they came to take my blood work. The next thing would be an ultrasound and then the shot. We wait and wait and wait. The ultrasound lady didn't get to us til almost 6pm. She did the  ultrasound and Jon watched, which made him feel better because all he saw was an empty sac. There was no baby at all. We finally hear from the dr just after probably 8pm. Now the order for the shot was sent to the pharmacy. That took an hour to get. I finally get the shot at 9pm and was sent home just after 10pm. It was a long day and I was so happy to leave. It was just an emotional rollercoaster laying there in that room. I was sad and crying one minute and the next I was fine with everything. I was like that through out the day. It really made me nervous getting this shot because of the nature of it. I thought it would make me super sick. 

The day after the shot, I woke a little nauseous, but that went away. Day 2 after the shot, I had a lower back ache all day and a little nauseousness. Day 3 & 4, I felt fine. Just a little more tired than usual. I thought the bleeding would've started already. Today is Day 5. I've felt a little crampy and the bleeding I think is starting. Had to go today for more blood work. Probably will have to every week til my levels are down to 0 or close to it. 

After reading what this shot does, it depreciates the folic acid in your body so the cells can't reproduce, we won't be trying again til at least the fall, more likely winter. They say to wait 3 months, but I'd like to build the folic acid back up in my body, so there's no question about if there's enough or not. If I got pregnant right away or before the 3 months, there's a risk of deformities and neurological damage to the baby. That's just not worth it for me. I can be patient and wait. Right now, I'm not allowed to take any vitamins or eat any green, leafy, vegetables, citrus fruit, or tomatoes.
Today, we decided since it was a baby and we both had a feeling it was going to be a boy, that we should give him a name. Jon named him Nathan. It's not one of our names for a boy, just kind of a random one and I might change it to something that means something, instead of just a random name. I'm really leaning toward Tristan because that was a name we wanted to use a while ago, but since realized we weren't going to use it anymore. I feel more connected to that name than just a random name. I am really glad it was caught early, I feel good and am able to enjoy Alexis and her pre-2 year old tantrums lol. 

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  1. Wow. What a roller coaster! I'll be praying for you. I really hope everything winds down smoothly - take care mama!

  2. So scary. I have been thinking about you a lot. That photo is so sweet.


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