Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Heart Faces- Beautiful Black and White

I had the pleasure of shooting Josh & Kayla's wedding the beginning of February. They are such a wonderful couple and I am working on getting their wedding blog post up on my business blog. This is one of my favorite photos from their wedding. The "I know your there, but can't see you" before the ceremony picture.

Update with me: Yeah I know I went MIA, but I haven't really been excited about where this blog has gone and I want to change it and spice it up, make it more exciting. I've been figuring out how to do it and here soon I'll be making changes and bring it more to life. Alexis is growing and talking like crazy. She's 19 months now and is so smart. Hope all is well!

7 Wonderful Comments:

  1. This is so cute! That groom is TALL.
    I love so much about this shot. The lighting is beautiful, the composition is great. I know you linked up for feedback, so my only suggestions are maybe clone out the sprinkler head on the ceiling and maybe try a little lens distortion edit. The bride, groom, and banister are all straight and the horizon of the shot is level, but the door frame behind the groom is crooked. SO it feels a tad skewed.
    But if you didn't do a single thing to this shot, it would brilliant. I love this pose idea!
    BTW, thank you so much for joining in Photo Feedback. I know you have been super busy, so it is nice to see you blogging again. :)

  2. such a great image ... love the concept and it was perfectly done :-))

  3. This is a stunning shot- so much anticipation captured- well done!!!

    I understand what you mean- I think we all go through that. Speaking of- I did a bit of that myself & I have a new button if you want to stop by & pick it up. :) Loving seeing Alexis- she's getting so big!

  4. Such a sweet moment. Lovely!

    Erika B

  5. Beautiful shot! I love your composition. My only comment, is to perhaps clone out the sprinkler and fire extinguisher stuff on the wall to make it cleaner. Really though it's quite beautiful. Well done!!!

  6. What a cool shot. I like the balance of the dark groom with the dark stair. You might want to crop or clone out the fire extinguisher on the right side. And folks have already commented on the photo edges not lining up with the doorway. Thanks for sharing this fun photo!


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