Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our 3rd Anniversary

Yesterday was our 3rd anniversary. Honestly, it was a dud day. It started last week. I had an idea for each of us to write down 5 things we would like as our individual anniversary gifts and give it to the other person. In my head, it was this great idea because last year my gift was my website that really just got finished last month. It was nice and I wanted it, but not what I was expecting. The first year he wrote me a poem, that I have framed next to my bed. That was sweet. Really I don't want things, I would like something meaningful. I hope that makes sense.

He spilled the beans already and I know what I got, I have never had the element of surprise from him, he always spills something lol. He gave me a list of 4 things. A keurig coffee maker, certain sunglasses, these certain earphone earbuds and a steel mousepad. He has been talking non stop for about a year about a steel mousepad. Of course I thought that's what he wanted most and happened to be the cheapest thing on his list. I got that for him and something not on his list.
Over the weekend, it was pretty clear he wanted the earbuds. Somehow he figured out I got him the mouse pad, since he thought I never got him the earbuds- he has been so dramatic {I now know Alexis gets that from his side of the family}. My plan was to let him think all I got him was the mousepad and then surprise here's your earphones! But I got so annoyed yesterday morning, that I told him I got him what he wanted and since then he's been happy. That's how our anniversary morning started out. He also had to work and then had an emergency and had to work late, til 8. At least we have plans Saturday and he said he has a surprise, so maybe I will be surprised lol.

I'm the one that should be mad because he didn't get me the iPad I wanted.... ;-)

But that's how it goes. Sometimes we argue, sometimes I cry, most of the time we laugh and smile. He is the best provider, husband, and father I could ever ask for!

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  1. Congratulations and Happy 3rd Anniversary! Your wedding photos are beautiful!

  2. Happy anniversary! I love the new header, too. :)


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