Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have not abandoned you. Just been quite busy and it's hard for me to keep a good balance on things. I usually focus on one thing and the rest gets pushed to the back. But it's something I try and work on. I had to put myself on a good eating plan. I was getting out of control. After every meal, I had to eat some kind of dessert. I mean I couldn't go without it. Sugar was over taking my life. I'm doing a low carb thing since Monday. Jon and I both are doing it. I shouldn't eat bread anyway, it bloats me and I think I have an allergy to it and this also helps me stay away from sugar. I have lost 5.6lbs since Monday. I know a lot is water weight, but I feel great and have more energy. If anyone has any good low carb recipes or a good website for it, please pass it my way!

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  1. Oh, is this from your photo booth? How cool!!

  2. LOVE this- thanks for the Friday morning smile!


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