Friday, August 19, 2011

Caption this!

The photo below would be perfect for an awesome & funny caption and I just can't think of one. Your challenge is to create a caption for this photo and I'll pick my favorite 3 and feature you on my Monday blog post! I know I have some awesome readers, so I can't wait to read what you come up with :)

It's the weekend, well almost. It's so close I can smell it.
Bridal consultation Saturday- excited & nervous! Eeek! Any tips?

Jon text me yesterday at work and said he was fired. At first I panicked. Then knew there was no way. He wrote back just kidding, which was not funny. Later that day, I told him I was pregnant and I think he peed his pants haha. I'm not pregnant though. For our anniversary (which isn't til November), he wants a metal mouse pad. Told me it was expensive, but it was only $70. So, I told him I want the Canon 5D Mark II Canon body. I think I beat him at expensive there lol. Later, he told me he wanted to get that for me somehow, that was surprising. I'm not holding my breath though, we don't have an extra $2500.00 just to go spend. We're such nerds in this house. hehe

He also bet me to ask everyone I talked to, what their favorite color is. What's your favorite color?

Have a fun weekend!

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8 Wonderful Comments:

  1. You and your husband are funny...I can totally relate to those kinds of questions. My favorite color - it's a toss up but I'm going to go with green.

    Caption: "They're a little dirty but I still think I can pick my nose with them."

  2. Cute photo. I am not very good at writing captions though. I love pink. :)

  3. What a precious little girl. Cute shot!!

  4. Cute shot! Love her little curls!

  5. Absolutely adorable! :)

    My favorite colour is green. What's yours, since you asked for ours?

  6. She is adorable and you and hubby are hilarious! Love it!


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