Monday, July 25, 2011

I Heart Faces ::Water::

Went to the beach Saturday for an hour with my 2 babes. I just love watching Alexis at the beach, she likes liking her lips with the taste of the salt water lol. Makes the beach a ton more fun when you see it through a child's eyes. Jon decided to get the flu Saturday afternoon, I know it's not on purpose. Feel bad for him, hoping feels better soon and that neither me or the baby get it. How was your weekend?

8 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Cute shot. I love seeing things through the kids' eyes.

  2. i'm not sure i have seen anything cuter.

  3. Absolutely DARLING- what a cute suit!

  4. OMG........this is a Gorgeous picture of such a beautiful beach babe!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this pic! Definitely one to frame!

  5. I love her little tongue sticking out. It really is a cute shot!


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