Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Black and White Wordless{ish} Wednesday

I don't think I've mentioned it here, but we found out our 15 year old niece is pregnant. May God have mercy on her soul. It's a long story. Basicly, she thought she knew better than her parents & didn't like their rules, ran away to live on the streets with this 19 year old kid 6 weeks ago. Ended up coming home and now is 6 weeks pregnant. She's in for a huge reality check and is about to grow up really fast. It's hard enough to have kids in your 20s, in a steady relationship, and with a steady income. But we are supportive and will be flying to Oregon when the baby is born end of February/ beginning of March. It's sad the first thing I thought of was, well first - what?!? {but kinda wasn't surprised}, then asked if I could do her newborn pictures lol.

Pictures on the brain, pictures on the brain, lookin' so cool with pictures on the brain.

I might sound a little crazy. Been up since 3am, it's now 7:30am. Alexis has this whole new thing, that no matter what she wakes up after 4 hours of sleep at night. We get her back to sleep, takes about an hour, but we do. Jon even got up at 3 and took care of her, but I couldn't get back to sleep.

I can't believe this was me last year today. I do miss that big belly and enjoyed being pregnant.

Alas, a year later and we find ourselves here. A bundle of joy {sometimes lol}

Sleepy Baby


and out.

So much for a {wordless} wednesday.

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  1. I don't care how old you are - when you have family or friends that you know aren't ready for children, we all have that reaction. My husband's grandmother was actually 15 or 16 when she started having kids. And she was married...that was just when they started having kids. Here I am at 29 and still don't have any really is all in God's timing. Love these photos of Alexis. She has become such a cute kid.

  2. Wow, 15?! Poor girl. I am glad she has some supportive people in her life though, that will help some! Amazing how things change so much in a year! :-)

  3. Your little angel is getting so beautiful!

  4. Adorable photos of Alexis. I will be praying for your niece.

  5. First time stopping by, nice to meet you! Lovin your photos!

    PS. Whew, thank goodness, I'm not the only one with PHOTOS on the brain at all hours. hehe

  6. I have to say- I totally miss being pregnant too. It was so exciting!

    Love that second shot- exquisite

  7. Love my babies, but don't like being pregnant. I will say a prayer for your niece.

  8. Love the belly shot of you. I will be praying for your niece.


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