Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So Refreshed

Want to know the highlight of my weekend?? Jon and I had a date night! It was amazing to have time alone with Alexis. She has been teething more and just cranky all day. I was at my whits end and just needed sometime to ourselves. We left her at nana's and pop's house and had a nice night. Dinner and a movie. Yeah it was cliche, but I didn't care what we did. I could have went and sat at the beach and been happy. After a night like that, I felt so much more relaxed that I could be a better mom. Our last one was 6 months ago. We're going to try to do them twice a month at least. I just feel guilty asking my parents to watch her. Not sure why, but I have a hard time asking for help when I need it. I have to get over it, because this will make me a better mom.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to photograph these cuties. They're really good friends of the family. It was so hot, but we got some nice shots. The youngest is 2, but I thought he was 3 going on 4 lol. No wonder he didn't want to get his picture taken haha.

You can see the rest of them here.


7 Wonderful Comments:

  1. So cute. Love that second photo.

  2. Those are real cuties - but isn't it amazing how a simple date night can lift your spirits?

  3. I love these! What handsome boys.

  4. Glad you got a night out.

    The photos are terrific!


  5. Oh what fabulous pictures! Your son is so handsome!

  6. Handsome fellas!

    You should try having more dates at home! It has been the best thing for my marriage.


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