Monday, June 13, 2011

Engagement Pictures - What NOT To Do

So, I've seen all these pictures of couples with the sun behind them and a cool lens flare coming from behind them. At my latest engagement shoot, I thought I would try it out. And this is what I got.

Pretty hot huh? They look so in love with a laser beam shooting at each other's eyes. Unless the clients are into comics and X-Men, I don't think this would fly. This is my example of what not to do. Next time, I'll try it again and maybe get it right haha.

I've been super busy today to get anything done on the computer. Unfortunately, Alexis is just like me. She likes to go and do and not sit around or hang at home. On Thursday, I got super sick. Nausea, Diahrea, Chills, Shakes, Achy, My skin hurt. I thought I was dieing and still don't really know what it was. Maybe a mini flu, I really think it was just extreme exhaustion with some dehydration. If it was the flu, I was praying that Alexis doesn't get it. It lasted through part of Friday and I was fine on Saturday, but still weak because walking around the mall I started getting cold sweats. No wonder the talent scouts didn't stop me, darn.

I've shared this next photo before, but thought it fit good for Trendy Treehouse's theme - Windy. So, here it is again!

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  1. those shots are have to aim towards the sun without actually aiming at the sun...i know, sounds, but aim at the sun and then move it just a little...OR, make sure their heads are completely blocking the sun, then it will just engulf them and give a cool shiloette....AND if you have a UV filter it also helps. ( these are just a few tips i have learned myself...not professional, but just what i have figured out:-)

  2. This photo and your description made me giggle--it also made me think of a Vulcan mind meld for some reason. :D

  3. really stunning!
    love them!

    happy tuesday,


    visiting via sweet shot tuesday!

  4. laser beams are hot! haha. Yes, good sun flare can be hard to achieve!

  5. Oooooooo- I was hoping you would use this shot! It's so awesome!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. what an awesome shot. aww. i hope you both feel better soon!

  7. I didn't think your photo was bad. Infact, I still like it, but I can't help bu think about X-Men now.

  8. Okay, I totally thought of X-men, too. Well you never know until you try. Things going wrong is usually the best way of learning. You don't forget that fail. Lol. But honestly, it isn't that bad at all. You just made it funny. ;)


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