Monday, May 30, 2011

Good to WOW! - Looking Up

Honestly, I haven't taken many new pictures lately. Hoping to get in the swing of things here soon. I have a couple of shoots coming up that I'm excited for - a 6 month old on Wednesday and an engagement and wedding sometime in the future {dates not set yet}. It's been a family weekend, beach on Saturday, Jon was burnt - he's white anyway and doesn't tan. Today, was a pool party. Alexis loved the beach. It was her first time where she could actually enjoy it. We just sat where the tiny waves would come and she just loved it. It's so nice to experience things through a child's eyes and really makes it more fun for me. Tomorrow morning, I have to run to Orlando to get my BFF from the airport. I'm hoping Alexis does good, it's about 1.5 hour drive and during the time she usually naps. Here's hoping she sleeps the whole way.

6 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Fun photo and interesting perspective! I look forward to your edits!

  2. Really sweet.

    btw love your new header.

  3. Love the depth of field - this is going to look great once you process it.

  4. awe! really cute perspective! I like where you have your focus at.

  5. This is a neat shot. I can't wait to see the edit.
    Nice new header, too. Love that picture of Alexis!

  6. Really creative & fun shot! Thank so much for linking up with me- totally made me smile


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