Monday, May 2, 2011

9 Months Old

I had a blonde moment. I got everything ready for Alexis's 9 month photo shoot, got to the location, got Alexis all set up, took a picture and display said 'No Card'. I had left it at home in my laptop. So, what can we do then? Go to Target for a few things, come home and put Alexis down for a nap lol.
And when I came out of Target the car that had parked next to me, thought it would be fun to see how close they could get to my car. I couldn't even open the door to put Alexis in her car seat, had to put her in from the other side. Can people be a little more kind and corteous to eachother? I've noticed more rude people lately. It's not hard to be nice!

Yes, Alexis is 9 months today. I can't believe how fast time goes. She's turning into a little toddler before my eyes. She only rolls everywhere, not crawling yet, except for an army crawl. She has conversations with her stuffed animals and dolls. Loves talking on the phone. Has an obsession with my toes and sings herself to sleep. Sleeps through the night. I still rock her to sleep for bedtime and naps. For naps she only sleeps on me, but I really don't mind that, it's my cuddle time. She loves swinging at the park.

{For Paper Mama's Spring Photo Challenge}

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  1. She is precious. Happy 9 months! I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten the card, or had a full card. Finally I just got to the point I carry an extra empty card in the camera bag at all times.

  2. Aww! Time flies. She's adorable!

  3. what fun and sweet pictures! she sure is cute! I just love that last picture of her in the swing! what a wonderful capture!

  4. Oh- your post just reminded me of something I had totally forgot about my kids when they were that age. I loved listening to the monitor when they would sit in there & talk to their toys. It was so sweet & precious. Thanks for the memories!! I wish blogging was around back then- I wouldn't forget so much :)

  5. Ha, I have had those mommy brain moments. She is getting so big.
    My son didn't crawl at all. Thank goodness he was the first child because I had to walk around for over a month hunched over while he walked holding onto my fingers. ;-)

  6. Happy 9 mos. to Alexis!! :)

    I absolutely hate when people park their car that close or they can't stick in between the parking spot lines.. seriously RUDE! It's also hard not to be mean or say something nasty when people do that.

  7. Happy 9 months! They just get more and more fun don't you think??
    (And you are right...a little courtesy goes a long way and it is waaay easier to be nice than mean. It's nice when we think of others.)

    PS- Totally agree with the comment above, I LOVE listening to my baby on the monitor- Singing, reading, talking to her toys, it's awesome.

  8. Happy 9 months--she's such a cutie!

  9. What adorable pics! That second is my favorite…she looks so happy. :)


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