Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Challenge Overload

Trying to catch up on some challenges, instead of having a gazillion posts, I'm gonna fit them all in one. I hope everyone had a good weekend. We did, but found out we probably have a flea problem. It ticks me off. This week, I'm waging war against those little things. It grosses me out, but can happen when you have a pet.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Capture the Sky

This was taken with my camera phone, it was a quick shot, but I like the sun rays.





Shoot & Edit

Macro Monday

This Life is Sweet


Get Fit - Get Healthy

This week they talked about eating breakfast & being confident. I eat breakfast everyday {check}. Having confidence is a challenge everyday & I think it is for most women. I grew up always on the heavier side. But, nothing was ever negatively said about me. I was never put down or made fun of. It really bothered me when, as a teen, with my friends, who were skinnier than me, always looked in the mirror at their flaws. They would say, "Oh I'm fat" or "I hate my nose." I would look in the mirror and not see anything like that, but It would always make me feel bad because I was heavier than them. I always thought they were crazy. Just accentuate the positive!

1. Height: 5’9″, weight: Not going there now. When I weighed on Tuesday, I was down 0.8. I weighed again Saturday and was down 5lbs. We'll see what the official number is tomorrow.

2. Your fitness challenge(s) for this week: Some type of cardio at least 3 times a week.

3. Your health challenge(s) for this week: I'm happy with the way I eat, I need to work on portion size and more water.

4. How well did it go: Not bad, I don't sit much. Always moving and lifting a 20lb little monkey.

5. Failures and slip-ups: Last night, Some friends took us out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. I should have gotten a salad, but I got pasta. Only ate half though.

6. Weekly challenge wisdom: Time will go by whether you take care of yourself or not,but if you take care of yourself, you'll gain more time.

7. Advice to fellow GET FIT members: You owe it to yourself, to love yourself enough to take care of your health.

8. Self Portrait:

29 Wonderful Comments:

  1. You are doing such great stuff Jessi! Gorgeous shots!!!! I'll be praying on your health journey! :-D

  2. Lovely shots Jessi - I combined lots of my posts aswell this weekend too. That life shot is great.

  3. I love those blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Jessi.

  4. Love your processing on the The Ferris wheel photo! All great images!

    Happy Monday!

  5. You are really good at taking self portraits, very creative. And great job with the GET FIT.

  6. Neat life shot!! I also like the ferris wheel!

  7. Love all your shots- Amazing capture of the carnival lights- WOW.

  8. so many great photos.
    neat shots of the ferris wheel .

  9. I'm loving all of these shots - your selfie doesn't even look like you took it and I love the ferris wheel. Great work.

  10. Love your scavenger hunt Sunday shots- especially life and everyday!

  11. First of all, I LOVEEEEE your self portrait!! Second, treating yourself out at a restaurant is totally necessary!!! And you lost weight!!!! That's incredible!! It always feels so to see what your hard work is doing!! Awesome goals woman!!! And very cool pictures! you're super talented!

  12. Wonderful photos. Happy Blue Monday.

  13. there are so many i like, but especially the web! good job!

  14. Stopping over from Shoot & Edit. Your SOOC photo is great!

    Your scavenger hunt shots are great too!

  15. Great photos! Love the couples shot for Shoot and Edit. How did I miss that your post for Get Fit Get Healthy? Great check in for this week and love the self portrait!

  16. I love your everyday so! So cute!

  17. Great shots! Love all your scavenger hunt shots, and your self portrait is beautiful! (I can't get my guy anywhere near the front of the camera.....)

  18. All great shots!! Love your selfie...beautiful :)

  19. Wow so many great shots!! I love your Ferris Wheel and self portrait!

  20. I especially like the spider web...
    well done.

  21. All of these pictures are great! I love all of them! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

  22. I love your weekly wisdom girl! It's awesome and it's so true!
    Good job on doing well this week.
    next time try to order that salad at the restaurant. Half a 2000 calorie pasta is still 1000 calories :) haha
    See you next Saturday!

  23. Girlfriend! Your photos are stunning. As always you completely stole my heart with your vintage shot!

  24. Amazing photos! Really love the coloring of your ferris wheel photo.

  25. You have some WONDERFUL shots here! I love the ferris wheel! And WTG with your Get Fit!!!!!

  26. LOVE your everyday shot - thanks for linking up on my blog!

  27. I've featured your photo on my blog! Congrats & thanks for playing :]


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