Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Hair...

.. Now I need a new body. Too bad you can't just go pick one out. It always seems to take too long, but really the time passes whether your doing anything about it or not. I'm working on it.

Here's my new hair cut. I'm Au Natural. I have 6 inches of hair in a ponytail to donate. Locks of love's minimum is 10 inches. Anyone know where I can donate only 6?

Don't really get makeup done much anymore. I like it, it's easier and feels a lot better.

We just hung out yesterday. Some of my favorites. There's ton more though lol

With Grandma -

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  1. You should have been able to donate all 16 inches. My last donation was a total of 26 inches.

  2. Thanks linking up. I love the 4th photo from the top.

  3. Love these shots - and your hair looks great. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to donate the whole thing. I will eventually do the same with my hair.

  4. I like your hair cut!! I need one so bad but I'm such a slacker!!
    Beautiful photos!

  5. Beautiful shots. I don't know who would take 6" of hair, I've only ever used locks of love. My hair is finally long enough to donate again, so now I've had that nagging desire to cut it....this post might puch me over the edge :)

  6. So cute. I like you hair. I know Beautiful Lengths is 8 inches. I don't know who takes 6". I love your edit.

  7. Such lovely shots, and what a cutie pie! I loved the "feet stage"! Your hair looks lovely too.

  8. What a cute shot! I love the edit and those piggies... :)


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