Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Rain is Fallin'

I woke up this morning to rain. Today is an old rainy day. The kind you just want to stay in bed nice and warm. But with a 5 month old that's just a dream.
We had a nice weekend. Saturday, we had friends over. It was a lot of fun. It also made us clean, which the house needed.
Ok, now for some challenges...

This little girl always says good morning to me with a smile and it just starts off my day the best way!

9 Wonderful Comments:

  1. These are fun - love the first shot!

  2. Jessi I love them all. Such sweet captures!


  3. Goodness, your last photo! That is such a moment I see myself with my daughter in! I LOVE IT! That photo made my heart happy!!!

  4. Great photos! Love that sweet little smile. Isn't that just the greatest way to wake up? :)

  5. Oh, that last shot is so beautiful!

    Erika B

  6. Great photos this week. I love them all. What a gigantic snowball. Last shot is so precious.


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