Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cruise vs Road Trip

We're thinking about planning a vacation. Well, we are planning a vacation, but thinking about where to go. I'm kinda nervous about traveling with an infant. First, I was thinking a cruise. The port is an hour away and just a 4 day cruise would be nice for the 3 of us. Jon wants to go up to DC and I would love to go up that way too because neither of us have never been. DC is a 13 hour road trip from here. We would drive and take our time, drive half one day and half the next. It's something to think about now. I'm trying to weigh the pros vs cons on both trips.

Anyone have advice for traveling with an infant? Whether it's a long car ride or a cruise? Any tips would be great!

I also want to let you know about a great deal right now. Over at living social, they have a $20 amazon gift card for $10 today!

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  1. Sorry, not tips on the infant part...but I can say a trip to DC is definitely worth the time and effort. Tons of fun, history, great food and photo ops. I think you all would have a nice trip.

  2. Cute photos! I would think going to DC with an infant might would be better. I have never been on a cruise though.

  3. great pictures, my children are 17 and 19 now but we used to fly regularly from sydney to england and I always used to pack a backpack for them totally unseen and full of new little things - games, puzzles, they never saw them until we got on the plane - hours of quiet!

  4. Love the picture of baby touching your face! So sweet!!

    We did a cruise with 4 children. Our youngest wasn't a baby (she was 2), but she was still in diapers, so she brought with her many of the responsibilities of babyhood. Everything went great, and we had a really good time together. Stinky diapers were a bit of a pain because we didn't want to stink up our cabin and with such close quarters, 1 diaper, know. So after we would change her, I would just go find our guy who was in charge of our room (I forget their title.) We had brought grocery bags to put the diapers in so it wasn't like were just handing him a dirty diaper. He was always happy to take care of it. We left him a big tip. :) Anyway, I know this is getting lengthy, but just wanted you to know a cruise is doable with little ones. If you want more gory specifics, just email me through my link.

  5. That's a tough choice...but thanks for the heads up on Living Social. I just purchased one!

  6. lovely shots! traveling with an infant can be really easy with some simple planning and making sure you have a great baby carrier and stroller - for long car rides - try to drive early in the morning when she is most likely able to fall back to sleep - bring music that she will enjoy too :-) but not put you to sleep!

    can't wait to hear where you end up selecting! have fun planning your vacation!


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