Monday, November 15, 2010

The Moments in Between Photo Challenge Theme...

We had a lazy weekend. I caught up on my sleep. My bed has never been so comfortable. But the weekends go by to fast. It's the most time I get to spend with Jon, during the week he works late.

*I got top 10 at Trendy Treehouse for the 'Brown' challenge!*

To the challenge for the week -

The theme is


Inside your house - Outside your house - Someone else's house

- Everyone is welcome
- It must be your photo - taken by you
- One submission per person
- Keep it kid friendly, please
- Link your blog post back here (button is on the side if you want to use that)
- Link up your photo below
- You have until next Saturday 11:59pm EST.

3 Wonderful Comments:

  1. come up with some challenging themes but I like it!

  2. Hi!
    Very interesting picture. It gives you all kinds of ideas as to what else is in the room. Mine is posted. Have a great day!

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