Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm a Time Traveler

I'm reliving the 1am hour. Clocks changed back & we get another hour of sleep. Yes!

Some how I feel like I have no time lately & I'm more tired than usual.

Today we went to the art festival. I always love going to those. It was 63 degrees out! Which is unheard of in Florida in November. It's usually low 80s. We are enjoying the cold, even though it is short lived.

We had a scare today, well I did. We were heading back to our car after the art show and a man walked up asking for money. He said he was homeless. I don't mind helping people out, but his shoes were nicer than mine. He never took his one hand out of his pocket the whole time. We gave him a $5 and headed off. I kinda looked behind us and it looked like he was following us. He came up behind us and thanked us again. I was just hoping he wouldn't follow us to the car. He didn't. I watched him the whole time, til we left. You just can't trust anyone these days.

Alexis did tummy time (which she hates) and she held her head up higher than she has yet! a few weeks ago, she still had her nose on the mat. She's getting strong!

Here she is all bundled up.

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  1. That is scaring about that man. Glad he didn't follow you. She is so precious. I love her eyes. Gorgeous


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