Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, Really?

Another Monday...
I had to take Alexis to get an ultrasound on her hips today. She was breech, so they want to make sure that her hips are in the right place. I hope they are, otherwise she has to wear a brace. She was a trooper and the ultrasound went great.

Paper Mama- Momma & Me

The Paper Mama

Show & Tell Paper Heart Camera - Self Portrait -

Here I am. This is my vanity and you can see I look tired. This is where I sit to do my hair & makeup - when I can. The vanity came from my grandma, it's the only thing of hers I wanted and now I have it! I like this pic because of the 3 layers from the mirror.

Photography love...

Macro Monday -

Safe in dad's arms. He dressed her and her dress is on backwards. See the buttons? They are supposed to be on the back. Famous Jon quote, " I wondered why the tag was in the front."

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  1. Oh these are all so great!! I love love love that last b&w photo. So precious! Thanks for linking up!

  2. that last one is dear. all great captures though.

  3. These are all wonderful - I love your selfie!

  4. These are all wonderful. Love the Mama and me shot. So sweet!

  5. Oh that is precious! Sometimes I think my kids need special "Daddy Dressed Me" badges LOL! Love the self portrait too, very cool!

  6. these are all so great! momma & me melted my heart, very inventive selfie & the dress on backwards quote too funny, lol!

  7. Wow, that triple reflection selfie is incredible! And yes, there's nothing quite like a baby sleeping in her daddy's arms; and my husband never could dress my daughter correctly :)

  8. That self portrait is pretty cool! I love the me and mama photo!


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