Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aspire Photo Challenge

What reminds me of fall?

- Vacations to the mountains remind me of fall. Usually we would head north to the smokey mountain area or sometimes out to the Rocky Mountains around this time of year.

- Waking up to a cool, crisp morning and staying in bed under the warm covers.

- Fresh, crisp, clean air

- Seeing your breath at night

- Sweaters

- The fair

- Not running the air conditioner (lower electricity bill woohoo!)

- Bonfires on the beach

- Hot tubbin

These are from along time ago (1997). They are from film & scanned in.
These have always reminded me of fall.


7 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Great pictures! It's fun to see some film ones.

  2. WOW! beautiful frosty bits :) happy sunday!

  3. Great job scanning those in! I love waking up under the warm covers now that it's chilly out. I like the first one with the red and green.

  4. wow! I love the photos of the leaves! amazing!


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