Sunday, October 3, 2010

{Alexis is 2 months old} ::Warning: Lots of Photos Inside::

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Jon started a 'diet' and this was our conversation in the car yesterday =
Jon - "Ya know what I really miss?"
Me- "What?"
Jon - "Chinese food."
Me - "It's only been one day."
We both burst out laughing.
{Yes, his 'diet' lasted one day}

Wow, I know it's not that long, but it seems like yesterday we were in the hospital! She's growing so fast, it's unbelievable.

She's beautiful.

-See the uni brow? That's her angry brow. It starts coming out when she starts to get mad. hehe-

{Mmmm..} I'm hungry!

"I swear I didn't take your credit card, dad."

{Proud Father}

There goes that tongue...

Hmm, what's next? {Cry, poop, eat, or sleep} To many decisions!

Love the Chub!

She's got her dad's feet {for sure}

-Safe in dad's arms- {Can you tell he dressed her? The dress is on backwards}

10 min old -

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  1. So precious! Great photos! Time goes too fast. Carsyn will be 5 months next Monday.


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