Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have to say I have a great husband. With Alexis, when he comes home from work, he watches her til about 3am, so I can get some sleep. Even with that uninterrupted sleep, I think it caught up to both of us. Today, he stayed home from work and we tagged teamed it. I watch Alexis, he sleeps and then he watches, I sleep. It felt really great. I finally caught Alexis smiling on camera!

It went from this...

To this... pretty fast...

3 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Aww! Is she not sleeping good for you? She is precious though.

  2. Oh but she is SO cute!

    I'm struggling with getting enough sleep. My littlest sometimes has stretches of sleep that last 5 hours. I LOVE those. But... sometimes, like last night, she'll only go 3 hours, and I feel like shes a day old again. So exhausting.

    We need sleep, Mama!

  3. She is a cutie! I remember those sleepless nights - I'm pretty sure I went crazy on a few of them! But they'll be over before you know it...which is always bittersweet.


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