Saturday, September 4, 2010

{Photo Challenges}

I was playing around with reflections in different objects the other day and found this old radio.

Facing Myself

My puppy, Snowball. He's so funny with Alexis. He wants to play with her, but doesn't know that she can't play like he wants yet. He also watches over her like a hawk. If she cries or makes a noise, he's right by her side. He's so maternal.

6 Wonderful Comments:

  1. love your selfie. very creative. oh, and your dog too!

  2. eeeeep!! YOUR PUPPY IS SO CUTE!

  3. Snowball is so cute! I love fluffy little doggies! Great shot!

  4. Very creative reflection you found, I love the repetition of the lines. Fun to have you link up!

  5. i love this photo.. I have been playing with reflections also.. If its' ok I am going to mention you... as i am doing a meme like old nicholas farms.. but it has a writing component...each friday... about the picture or how you see yourself.. feel free to join


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