Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Mom Look

I'm really rocking the mom look today. Messy hair, bags under my eyes, yoga pants, flip flops (which are my everyday shoes anyway), no makeup, and a maternity shirt. I told myself that I would never go out in public like this and technically I have today. It was only to drive to my mom's house and I did bring other clothes to change into. It's ok then, right?

My grandmother, Alexis' great grandmother, thinks she knows everything. Everyday she tells me what to do. Alexis needs burped, she's cold, pat her lower back to burp her, don't wake a sleeping baby even though, she's been sleeping for about 5 hours in a soaking wet diaper. Now that Alexis sat in a wet diaper for that long, she's got a bad diaper rash and screams bloody murder when she messes her diaper. I'm not listening to you again Mawmaw, sorry. Poor baby also has thrush, it doesn't seem to be bothering her though and it's been going away now.

I've lost 24 out of the 29 pounds I gained while pregnant. Maybe more now, I haven't really had an appetite and if I am hungry, I only want half of whatever I'm eating. Unless, you know, it's cake, then I want the whole thing. Mmm, Cake...

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