Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scavenger Hunt!

My friend Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos has a weekly scavenger hunt for Sundays.

If you would like to join in for next Sunday, this weeks items are:
  1. Wide Open
  2. Clock
  3. Junk
  4. Shiny
  5. View from Below
- Here are my finds for this week -


Mmmm... The cake I have been craving.. finally got it ;)

2. Portrait

Took family pictures for this family, their daughter was so cute!

3. Chair

4. Game

Peek - A - Boo!

5. Miniature

4 Wonderful Comments:

  1. Great photos! I love the candid portrait of the family -- those are my favorites. And the yellow in the bee photo at the bottom. Well done! :)

  2. I shouldn't look at cake this early in the's bad for diets (oh screw diets). The portrait is wonderful and I love your game shot. Great work this week!

  3. I love your game shot! So cute. I don't understand why but all babies/toddlers love peek-a-boo

  4. The peek-a-boo is fabulous, tatally made me smile :D


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